ERMA supplies the most comprehensive range of undercarriage components and spare parts for machines of all sorts, application and make. Bridgestone is the company's core business, the most competitive brands in terms of quality, while ERMA Track, the company's own brand, is competitive in term of cost and good quality.

0.5 - 6-ton range applications

ERMA is the undisputed leader in terms of knowledge and adaptability of components for the 0.5 to 6-ton range application. The number of the above machines is increasing significantly, especially in Europe. With regard to the machines included in this range ERMA boasts the most comprehensive array of components: ET-make iron undercarriage with 90-mm track pitch, ET iron undercarriage with 101, 135 and 154-mm track pitch. In addition, iron pads, rubber pads and pad guards, lower and upper rollers, idle wheels and drive wheels, suitable for all applications and always available in our stock.
For rubber undercarriage applications, ERMA has a stock housing over 5,000 tracks, a massive range of Bridgestone undercarriage with width varying from 180 to 900 mm and pitch from 60 to 150 mm. To complete the offering there is a small range of Asian-make rubber undercarriage called LX-Track, that covers for the range of machines for which Bridgestone does not provide after-market services.