The Company
ERMA, founded in 1943 by Mr. Pio Martini, boasts a long-lived history of unparalleled expertise in the spare part trade.
Founded as a manufacturer, with time it started more and more to be a distributor of Bridgestone for rubber undercarriage.
1991: ERMA acquired RTMO, one of its major competitors.
1998: ERMA acquired FOGLIA & FOGLIA, another competitor.
2000: ERMA became partner of Bridgestone for the distribution of rubber tracks, later becoming exclusive dealer for Europe.
2008: ERMA Deutschland was incorporated to follow the rubber track market closely and directly in the strategic areas.
These are the key dates for the company, which led ERMA to becoming the leading group in the earthmoving machine spare part industry applied to the most diverse applications.
The current organizational paradigm of ERMA is based on approximately 80 workers operating on a 35,000 m2 area, where approximately 100,000 "part numbers" are stored and where a state-of-the-art workshop is equipped for manufacturing, assembling, overhauling and fixing, depending on the requirements. All this translates to a yearly turnover of about 50 million Euros worth of sales.
The management team, the group of qualified technicians, the superior quality of our products, are the ingredients to our excellent service, which forms integral part of the company's core business.