Bridgestone - Exclusive distributor europe

Bridgestone is the worldwide leader in the tire and rubber processing industries with 98 production sites and sales network in over 150 Countries.
The Bridgestone engineers started the rubber track business in Japan in 1960. Since then, Bridgestone's rubber tracks have been used of a very broad range of machines and applications all over the world.
Bridgestone is very much committed in research & development, and is quite adamant about retaining its own leading position in the rubber track business. The long-lived experience in this business sector and the deep familiarity with undercarriage systems are such that the Bridgestone rubber tracks are guaranteed to be the best choice for all equipment.
Bridgestone and its branches develop and process the raw materials, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon, and the steel cables used for rubber tracks. The high number of tests ran on the parts guarantee for product quality that is not equalled by anyone else in the market.
By using several test methods in the different Track Proving Grounds, where different test environments are simulated, the Bridgestone engineers are able to design groundbreaking technologies. This thorough testing activity guarantees that the Bridgestone rubber tracks be the most performing in the industry.
Bridgestone manufactures rubber tracks for mini excavators, pavers, diggers and farming tractors.
The Bridgestone tracks are designed to adapt specifically to the undercarriage components; the tread design optimizes traction balance, life and driving comfort.
By using the innovative Tri-Tech technology, Bridgestone was able to expand the life and reliability of its products but also improved the performance of its tracks. These three improvements are the result of the Tri-Tech technology that incorporates several new techniques, including Pro-Edge, the inner steel tapered inlay, the groundbreaking Interlocking connection system, a rustproof steel cable and the special tread assembly profile.
  • The Pro-Edge technology guarantees longer life and tear-resistance. The advantages to the system are proven by the tests ran by Bridgestone and the analysis carried out by the FEM (Finite Element Analysis).
  • The Interlocking technology has become a standard feature for the Bridgestone short pitch tracks and guarantees higher reliability. The rustproof steel cables were designed and manufactured exclusively for the Bridgestone rubber tracks. These high-resistance cables guarantee a very long life and sheer flexibility in terms of energy efficiency.
  • The inner steel tapered inlay guarantees better performance and better driving comfort.
Different rubber blends are used in the Bridgestone undercarriage to improve the performance in every application.
The Bridgestone rubber tracks are manufactured in plants that are well known for the high quality standards by the most significant international certifying bodies: ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental quality Certificate.