Berco - Exclusive distributor europe
Berco manufactures and supplies undercarriage systems for earthmoving machines, both for installation and after-market services, with a comprehensive array of high-quality parts. These include lubricated and dry tracks, industrial and farming pads, lower rollers, upper rollers, idle wheels and drive wheels.
The Berco undercarriage systems are primarily used for mini excavators (from 0.5 to 6 tons), excavators and bulldozers (from 7 to 50 tons), and also for earthmoving machines for mining applications (from 50 to 300 tons).
In addition Berco manufactures complete undercarriage systems in bundle with the end users; as a matter of fact these systems are custom made for special applications such as oil mills, recycling plants, pavers, special drills or perforators, and harvesters.